HEP Research

by Patrick S. Walters

This site contains my history in physics research and latest research endeavors. It is my hope that by visiting this site you will begin to think about and gain interest in high-energy physics problems, news, and discussion. Please feel free to browse the Project pages to see where I have been, and where I may be headed.

What is High-Energy Physics?

High-energy physics encompasses the study of fields, forces, and particles on the smallest possible length scales. It is the hope of researchers that by probing objects at the highest energies possible, we will come to an understanding of the intrinsic beauty and symmetry of our universe, as well as gain insights into new applications for energy, medicine, transportation, communication, and other benefits. Please read the “About HEP” page for additional detail on high-energy physics, and the “About the Author” page to learn more about the author.

Particle Physics Sample

The Drell-Yan Process

The Drell-Yan Process, illustrated above, describes the interaction where two protons collide or recoil inelastically, leaving excess energy which forms into particle-antiparticle pairs.  The amount of available energy determines the types of particle pairs that can form.


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